USA users check the Issues page for your template version for the new noaa forecast for upcoming changes end of April/May
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Issues - release 2.7

Weather programRegionDateScriptDescriptionSolution
allusa2017-04-20noaa forecast plain pageAfter cutover to a new noaa-website all scripts will fail. This update will probably work with the old and new noaa website
DWall2017-04-12error loading your data from wl.comblank screen, error message when running with ?debug
allall2017-03-06quake mapempty map although there are quakes reported
allusa2017-02-15 error loading NWS dataLarge error message caused by moving the data to a https site
allall2016-11-17 UV forecast missingUV forecast data missing errors or empty forecasts
allusa2016-06-15curly warningsNo warnings found as switched from http:// => https:// today
allusa2016-06-15 NEW VERSIONnoaaWarning.phpNo warnings found as switched from http:// => https:// today
Also missing info on detail page solved
allall2016-03-30 NEW VERSION
March 30!!
wu scriptsWU switches (partly) from http to https some scripts were broken
allall2016-03-29 NEW VERSION
March 29!!
yahoo and current conditionsERROR Notice: Undefined index: in /. . . /wsIconUrl.php on line 132
YAHOO is moving the data behind a logon
allall2016-03-27wu scriptsWU switches (partly) from http to https some scripts were broken
allamerica, canada2016-02-21Missing map in SPC soundingsSounding main map missing as the link was still to a users testsite, not a map in a template folder
allall2015-11-27WU Graphs - long delaysAs the programmers site is unavailable, the checking for new versions should be removed
allall2015-11-20windyty wind and forecast pageThe iframe parameters for the windyty site are changed and improved so the script has to change also
allcanada2015-10-15Canada AQMultiple xml errors and Template fails - unacceptable error
allamerica2015-08-14noaa generate
Server maintenance or an error ?, but it helps to use this version, I think
allall2015-08-12multipleSometimes incorrect arrows on dashboard
wcall2015-08-12tagsWC.phpError message division by zero
allall2015-08-08 NEWmoon rise/setnew API for USNO to retrieve correct moon rise / set times
allcanada2015-07-11display aqhi pagesmall modification in the html of the EC pages, forces adaption of this harvest script
allamerica2015-07-08multipleNEW multi icons for noaa plain page, adapted - cleaned - added latest version of highcharts
allall2015-06-21wsmetno v3 scriptsOnly for extra languages:
Notice: Undefined variable: savelang in . . . wsmetno3/metnoSettings.php on line 375
allcanada2015-06-20AQ for french userserror: detail AQ page error page not found, solved
alleurope2015-06-20error rain radar pageproblem: optional small rain/thunder does not appear when there is a warning for rain/thunder, solved
allamerica2015-06-19error rain radar pageerror missing index: img_rain when no rain radar in side colom was used.
allall2015-06-12links thunder changedlink address thunder maps changed.
allall2015-06-10Normal temperror empty "normal temp" value on dashboard. Solution when lat/lon returns no "normal temp" values, the nearest metar is used.
WD - CWall2015-06-09Current conditionsupdates for Current conditions and some missing trends items