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Issues - release 2.8

Weather programRegionDateScriptDescriptionSolution
allusa2017-04-20noaa forecast plain pageafter cutover to a new noaa-website all scripts will fail. This update will probably work with the old and new noaa website
DWall2017-04-12error loading your data from wl.comblank screen, error message when running with ?debug
allall2017-03-06quake mapempty map although there are quakes reported
allusa2017-02-15 error loading NWS dataLarge error message caused by moving the data to a https site
allall2016-11-17 UV forecast missingUV forecast data missing errors or empty forecasts
wcall2016-07-24 rain rate not / short period showmOnly 0 is displayed because the errornous rainrate in the realtime file replaces the rainrate in the tagsfile
allusa2016-06-15 curly warningsNo warnings found as switched from http:// => https:// today
allusa2016-06-15 NEW VERSIONnoaaWarning.phpNo warnings found as switched from http:// => https:// today
Also missing info on detail page solved
WDall2016-06-12tagsWD.phpNotice: Undefined index: pageName in on line 57
allall2016-5-03mobile checkingUsing a smart-phone: fatal error Call to undefined function wssetcookie()
allall2016-03-28 NEW VERSIONyahoo and current conditionsERROR Notice: Undefined index: in /. . . /wsIconUrl.php on line 132
YAHOO is moving the data behind a logon
allall2016-03-05wu scriptsWU switches (partly) from http to https some scripts were broken
allamerica, canada2016-02-21Missing map in SPC soundingsSounding main map missing as the link was still to a users testsite, not a map in a template folder
wc,wl,dw,mpall2015-11-30Error in moon datesInvalid moonrise and moonset dates removed - correct results occur after next upload (default 5 mintues )
allall2015-11-27WU Graphs - long delaysAs the programmers site is unavailable, the checking for new versions should be removed
allall2015-11-20windyty wind and forecast pageThe iframe parameters for the windyty site are changed and improved so the script has to change also
almanacIn rare cases the almanac script will reload data far to frequently
wlall IMPORTANT2015-10-27
data getAll times in US format were incorrectly processed, some sites had problems with units
allamerica2015-10-17AQMultiple messages and zero values when forecast texts are invalid - rare error
allcanada2015-10-15Canada AQMultiple xml errors and Template fails - unacceptable error
allall2015-09-23install only PHP < 5.4Using old PHP version results in: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected "[" .../weather28/configure/tz.php on line 14
allall2015-09-22yrno dashboard typoeWarning: include(./wsyrnofct/yrnoavansert3.php)