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Support for release 2.7 and older will end in August 2018. So it is time to install latest version now!

Latest release 2.8x (dated 2018-May-6) is ONLY available for current users of the Leuven-Template.
This release is tested and fully compatible with HTTPS , UTF-8 and PHP7.2

Release 2.9 is postponed until August as more time is needed for NOAA/NWS , METAR and other changes at essential data providers.
Current sponsors using older releases 2.7 or 2.6 , feel free to ask for assistance when upgrading to 2.8

Request information or support by using this form below. I will contact you shortly, but there can be a considerable time-zone difference!

Use the English language to enter your information on the form, or the Dutch language if you are a native dutch speaking person.

You can always use to translate from your own language to English.


In order to provide support, your website must be accessible from the internet.
Support requests without a valid website address will NOT be processed.


The Leuven-Template is a one-person hobby.
I hope you have as much pleasure in using the template as I have in developing, enhancing and supporting it.

You can use and adapt the template as you wish but do not remove or hide the credits for those organisations which supply the data.