LeuvenTemplate & Scripts.

Support and links are avialable on these forum topics where everyone can post questions and answers:

Meteoalarm Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download: demoWarning.php

Forecasts Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download: wsfct4

WeatherUnderground Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download WU-history: history
=> Demo/download WU-reports: reports

Air Quality Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download PurpleAir : purpleair
=> Demo/download Luftdaten : luftdaten

Template Support: wxforum.net
Current template users should also check here for known issues and their solutions and here for the 2.8 WiKi.

Please remember, "If it is a hobby for both of us, it should be fun for both of us also"

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