All good things come to an end

I love to help people build their first weather-website, but these last months there is to much yelling, DDOS attacks, multiple requests using different names, unpleasant mails.

This hobby is eating a "too large" part of my income and facing this years bills, I decided to quit.
I will help those users who supported me by being a sponsor in the last 12 months.
But no new "users", AND no downloads at-all.

Current users check here
for known issues and their solutions
for the 2.8 WiKi
I will have a new support ticket page for the sponsors ready after March 27.
Please remember, "it is a hobby for both of us, it meant to be fun"

There are multiple "free" templates to choose from, try one of these

In het Nederlands:
Voor de sponsors uit 2018/9: gebruik voor nu een forum.
Ik ben onbereikbaar van 4 maart tot 27 maart.
Na 27 maart maak ik een nieuwe pagina waar u uw problemen kunt melden.