All good things come to an end. But lets try a "re-start" and make the best of it.

I love to help people build their first weather-website, but these last months there is to much yelling, DDOS attacks, multiple requests using different names, unpleasant mails.

Maybe my previous post where to harsh, but please understand that all development and support is done by 1 native Dutch speking person who is also a programmer, not a marketing guy.

FIRST and for all: In all previous messages, I wrote that I will continue to support all existing users as long as fysically possible. But the individual support via has to end.

Support, download- and demo links are avialable on these forum topics where everyone can post questions and answers:
PurpleAir & Luftdaten:

The first message of these topics contain:

For now, current template users check here:
for known issues and their solutions
for the 2.8 WiKi
Please remember, "If it is a hobby for both of us, it should be fun for both of us also"

In het Nederlands:
Voor de sponsors uit 2018/9: gebruik voortaan het forum.

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