Issues - release 2.6

Weather programRegionDateScriptDescriptionSolution
allamerica, canada2016-02-21Missing map in SPC soundingsSounding main map missing as the link was still to a users testsite, not a map in a template folder
allall2015-11-27WU Graphs - long delaysAs the programmers site is unavailable, the checking for new versions should be removed
allall2015-11-20windyty wind and forecast pageThe iframe parameters for the windyty site are changed and improved so the script has to change also
allamerica2015-08-14noaa generate
Server maintenance or an error ?, but it helps to use this version, I think
allall2015-08-08 NEWmoon rise/setnew API for USNO to retrieve correct moon rise / set times
allamerica2015-07-08multipleNEW multi icons for noaa plain page, adapted - cleaned - added latest version of highcharts
allall2015-06-03quake scriptNEW VERSION. link to json file changed again
UPDATE of version 2014-12-09 a few lines down
allall2015-05-10new xml errorsNEW VERSION. RARE: Multiple error messages as the xml seems in error, results in 1 fatal error, same line
You could try to load a fresh xml after weaiting some 30 seconds by adding &force=metar to your url (or ?force=metar as there is no first (?) parameter yet forecastRARE: incomplete page rendering when no Meteo-graph selected, cause by missing tab javascripts
allall2015-05-01WD liveerrors when using default WDL configs.
wrong blitzortung map for USA/Canada users.
allall2015-04-12plaintext-parser.phpnotice messages, depreciated ereg.
WDall2015-03-24testtagsHihgh-low times a few number of hours off.
allall2015-03-11uv forecastAs uv server is down or loading old data, errors occur
allall2015-03-09wsWxsimGetFile.phpStrange graphs due to errors in dates after switching to DST.
allall2015-02-04wsmetno v3 scriptsNotice: Undefined variable: savelang in . . . wsmetno3/metnoSettings.php on line 375
allall2014-12-13space scriptsError 18 for most images: link to nearly all images changed as noaa space is changing their website
allall2014-12-12UV forecastLow UV index results in wrong text / color
allall2014-12-09quake scriptsScreen remains blank or a message that there are no quakes found
allall2014-12-07All - before start of pageWarning: Cannot modify header information -
headers already sent by (output started at /home/c. . . r2/wsSettings.php:1)
alleurope2014-11-18Startpage - side-area - ThunderNo blitzortung image is loaded, area remains empty
The full page blitzortung is displayed OK
allall2014-09-09Startpage - MetNo forecastErrors on startpage when using Metno as forecast
No valid input found. All data is in the past.