Here are the support links for the scripts I wrote and maintain

Support and links are available on these forum topics where everyone can post questions and answers:

Meteoalarm Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download: demoWarning.php

Forecasts Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download: wsfct4

WeatherUnderground Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download WU-history: history
=> Demo/download WU-reports: reports

Air Quality Support: wxforum
=> Demo/download PurpleAir : purpleair
=> Demo/download Luftdaten : luftdaten

Template Support at wxforum only.
No more downloads available. Product is End Of Live.
Current template users should also check here for known issues and their solutions and here for the 2.8 WiKi.

PWS_Dashboard All information and links to the forum can be found at

Please remember, "If it is a hobby for both of us, it should be fun for both of us also"

Interesting and well supported Weather-website templates:


Saratoga Template & Scripts:

weather34, the original dashboard version:

Last update: 2021-01-06 10:00 UTC