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In the nearly 7 years of development of this template there were 165 users
who found the Leuven-Template valuable with an average donation of 42 euro.

Country Weather program City Website name Sponsored
AustraliaCumulusWarneet, VIC euro in 2017/8
AustraliaWeather DisplayYass Valley, NSW  n/a20 euro in 2016
AustriaMeteohubLebendorf  n/a20 euro in 2016
AustriaMeteohubRindlberg euro in 2016/9
BelgiumMeteobridgeAarschot  n/a25 euro in 2016
BelgiumMeteobridgeAssenede euro in 2016/8
BelgiumMeteobridgeBerlare  weerstationberlare.be50 euro in 2022
BelgiumCumulusComines-Warneton, Gheer euro in 2015
BelgiumMeteohubHeuseux euro in 2016
BelgiumMeteobridgeLembeke  n/a99+ euro in 2014/9
BelgiumDavis WL.comLeuven - Sluispark euro in 2012/8
BelgiumMeteohubMaaseik euro in 2016
BelgiumCumulusVroenhoven (Riemst) euro in 2017
BelgiumMeteobridgeWilsele euro in 2012/8
BelgiumMeteohubZonnebeke euro in 2015/6
CanadaMeteobridgeKelowna, BC euro in 2016
CanadaWeather DisplayLadner, BC  n/a25 euro in 2018
CanadaWVIEWSanford/Winnipeg, MA euro in 2015
DenmarkWeather DisplayEgeskovvejret, Volstrop  n/a40 euro in 2015
DenmarkWeather DisplayHolbaek euro in 2015
DenmarkMeteohubHviding, Ribe euro in 2015/7
DenmarkMeteobridgeTarm euro in 2014/20
DeutschlandMeteohubDortmund  n/a20 euro in 2016/8
DeutschlandMeteohubHeilbronn euro in 2014
DeutschlandMeteohubKleve euro in 2014/20
DeutschlandMeteobridgeLeese, Lower Saxony euro in 2015/9
DeutschlandWeather DisplayLentfoehrden  n/a40 euro in 2016
DeutschlandMeteobridgeLeutersbach am Fuchsberg euro in 2019
DeutschlandMeteohubMagdeburg euro in 2018
DeutschlandMeteohubMammendorf  wetterstation-mammendorf.de05 euro in 2013
DeutschlandMeteohubNeumarkt i.d.OPf  n/a60 euro in 2017/8
DeutschlandWeather DisplaySchippach-miltenberg euro in 2014/9
DeutschlandWSWINSchoemberg-Bieselberg euro in 2016
DeutschlandMeteobridgeWeyhe-Erichshof  wewetter.de50 euro in 2014/8
FinlandWeather DisplayEura euro in 2017/8
FinlandWeather DisplayKouvola euro in 2014
FinlandMeteohubSaajuu, Sulkava euro in 2016
FinlandCumulusVilppula euro in 2016
FranceCumulusDaoulas  n/a10 euro in 2015
FranceMeteohubNarbonne euro in 2016/8
FranceWeatherCatNontron, La Maladrerie euro in 2015
GreeceWeatherLinkDrama  n/a20 euro in 2015
GreeceWeather DisplayKopaida Airfield  n/a30 euro in 2015
GreeceMeteobridgeSkamnos euro in 2015
ItalyCumulusBisignano  n/a00 euro in 2018
ItalyWVIEWPomeziameteo  n/a20 euro in 2015
ItalyWeather DisplayReggello  reggelloambiente.it15 euro in 2017
ItalyMeteohubSagliano euro in 2015/7
ItalyWeather DisplayVillalvernia  n/a35 euro in 2016
NetherlandsWeatherLink's-Gravenzande  breejedurp.nl50 euro in 2015/8
NetherlandsCumulus't Zandt  weerstationtzandt.nl99+ euro in 2014/9
NetherlandsMeteobridgeAfferden euro in 2017/8
NetherlandsMeteobridgeAlkmaar-Centrum  n/a75 euro in 2014/5
NetherlandsMeteohubAlmere-Buiten euro in 2014/9
NetherlandsMeteobridgeAmsterdam-Westerpark  n/a50 euro in 2016
NetherlandsMeteobridgeBeusichem euro in 2014/20
NetherlandsWVIEWBladel  hetweerinbladel.nl50 euro in 2015
NetherlandsWeatherLinkBolsward euro in 2015/7
NetherlandsMeteobridgeBoxtel euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeCoevorden euro in 2016/20
NetherlandsMeteobridgeDoornenburg euro in 2015/9
NetherlandsMeteohubEmmen-Zuid-West euro in 2015/9
NetherlandsWSWINEnschede - Twekkelerveld  n/a25 euro in 2016
NetherlandsMeteohubEtten-Leur-Beiaard euro in 2015
NetherlandsCumulusFrieschepalen euro in 2016/20
NetherlandsWeather DisplayFrieschpalen  n/a00 euro in 2018
NetherlandsMeteobridgeGeldermalsen  n/a50 euro in 2014
NetherlandsCumulusGeleen euro in 2015/9
NetherlandsWeather DisplayGenderen euro in 2020/23
NetherlandsMeteobridgeGrou euro in 2016/20
NetherlandsMeteobridgeHardinxveld-Giessendam euro in 2016/9
NetherlandsWeather DisplayHeemskerk-Beijerlust euro in 2014
NetherlandsCumulusHeerhugowaard  n/a20 euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeHeijen euro in 2016
NetherlandsWeatherLinkHellendoorn euro in 2015/20
NetherlandsMeteohubHengelo (Ov)  n/a50 euro in 2015
NetherlandsWeather DisplayHilversum  meteohilversum.nl50 euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeHoek van Holland  n/a30 euro in 2016
NetherlandsMeteobridgeHollandsche Rading  n/a50 euro in 2013/8
NetherlandsCumulusIJzendijke  n/a40 euro in 2015/6
NetherlandsMeteohubKerkrade-Parkstad euro in 2014/7
NetherlandsMeteobridgeKruiningen euro in 2019
NetherlandsCumulusLopik  n/a25 euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeMaastricht, Daalhof  weerstation-daalhof.nl99+ euro in 2018/20
NetherlandsWeather DisplayNieuwendam euro in 2014/5
NetherlandsWEEWXNijverwaard  n/a20 euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeNoordbergum euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeOosterwolde euro in 2018/8
NetherlandsMeteobridgeOudkarspel  pd0rok.nl00 euro in 2014
NetherlandsWSWINPoeldijk  n/a20 euro in 2017
NetherlandsMeteobridgePurmerend euro in 2014
NetherlandsWeatherLinkRaalte  weerinraalte.nl40 euro in 2018/9
NetherlandsMeteobridgeRoermond 'In 't Veld' euro in 2016
NetherlandsMeteobridgeRoosendaal-West euro in 2015
NetherlandsWeather DisplaySauwerd  n/a99+ euro in 2013/7
NetherlandsMeteobridgeSiebengewald euro in 2016/20
NetherlandsWeatherLinkStellendam euro in 2014
NetherlandsCumulusStreefkerk euro in 2015
NetherlandsCumulusUgchelen  n/a25 euro in 2018
NetherlandsMeteohubUrk euro in 2014/9
NetherlandsMeteobridgeVierhouten euro in 2017/9
NetherlandsWeather DisplayVlist (Bonrepas)  n/a50 euro in 2015
NetherlandsMeteobridgeVossem euro in 2017/9
NetherlandsMeteobridgeZwijndrecht euro in 2017/8
NetherlandsMeteohubZwolle  n/a30 euro in 2015/6
New ZealandWeather Display Coromandel Town, Waikato  n/a75 euro in 2018
New ZealandWeather Display Tokoroa euro in 2017
New ZealandWeather DisplayWanaka euro in 2017
NorwayWeather DisplayBergen Lynradar  lynradar.no50 euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayBernervegen euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayJarlsoe drift AS  n/a50 euro in 2016/8
NorwayMeteobridgeJelsa, Suldal Rogaland euro in 2014/8
NorwayWeatherCatKrokstadelva-Nedre Eiker  n/a40 euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayNordskor euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayRandaberg euro in 2015/8
NorwayCumulusSiljan euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayTenvik Lindtel AS  n/a50 euro in 2016
NorwayWeather DisplayUlsteinvik euro in 2018
NorwayWeather DisplayVallo Batforening  n/a/50 euro in 2015/8
NorwayWeather DisplayVesteralen  n/a60 euro in 2015/8
PortugalCumulusMachico euro in 2015/8
ScotlandWeatherCatNorth Lanarkshire euro in 2016
SloveniaWeatherLinkRakitna euro in 2014/9
SpainWEEWXBarcelona-Sant Genis  santgenismeteo.org50 euro in 2014/8
SpainDavis WL.comChert/Xert Valencia euro in 2015/8
SpainConsoleWDLanjaron euro in 2014
SpainWeatherLinkSan Sebastian - Arriola euro in 2014
SpainWeather DisplayTorrelavega  n/a50 euro in 2014/8
SwedenWeather DisplayLangbo Holmsveden  n/a20 euro in 2016
SwitserlandMeteohubBrienz euro in 2015
SwitserlandWeather DisplayRickenhang euro in 2016/8
SwitserlandWVIEWUnterkulm euro in 2016/7
SwitserlandWeather DisplayWiden euro in 2014/5
United KingdomMeteobridgeBishop Sutton  n/a75 euro in 2015/6
United KingdomWeatherCatDunchurch euro in 2016
United KingdomWeather DisplayEddington, Herne Bay  n/a/20 euro in 2016
United KingdomMeteoplugKenley euro in 2019
United KingdomWeather DisplaySkelton-in-Cleveland  n/a30 euro in 2013
USAWeatherCatAlbrightsville, PA  n/a/20 euro in 2015
USAWeather DisplayAllentown, PA euro in 2015
USAWeather DisplayAsheville, NC euro in 2016
USADavis WL.comBig Bay, MI euro in 2016/8
USAWeather DisplayBroomfiedld, CO  n/a/25 euro in 2016
USADavis WL.comDes Moines euro in 2015/8
USAMeteobridgeDongan Hills, NY  n/a25 euro in 2015
USAWeatherCatEast Dallas, TX  n/a30 euro in 2015
USACumulusEdina, MN euro in 2017
USAMeteobridgeFort Myers, FL euro in 2016
USAMeteobridgeGreensboro, NC  n/a50 euro in 2016
USAWeather DisplayHarpers Ferry, WV  n/a/20 euro in 2015
USAWeather DisplayHessville, NY  indiantrailweather.com44 euro in 2015
USAWeather DisplayHuron, OH  n/a10 euro in 2016
USACumulusLonsdale/Nance, AR  n/a60 euro in 2015
USAWeatherCatMaine  n/a70 euro in 2015/8
USACumulusMcLouth, KS  n/a50 euro in 2015
USAWeather DisplayMechanicsburg, PA  cvweather.org30 euro in 2015
USAMeteobridgePalm Springs, CA  n/a70 euro in 2015/6
USAWeather DisplayPlover, WI euro in 2017/8
USACumulusRincon, GA  n/a65 euro in 2018
USAMeteobridgeSan Diego, CA  n/a/25 euro in 2015
USACumulusSanta Fe, TX euro in 2015
USAWeatherLinkSnelville, GA euro in 2015/8
USAMeteohubSpring, TX euro in 2014
USAMeteobridgeWoonsocket RI  n/a20 euro in 2016
USAWeather DisplayYork, PA  n/a75 euro in 2015-7

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